The objective of this two week summer programme is to give the students a deeper knowledge of the relation between sustainable development and the economic/financial conditions on a global scale encouraging them to propose creative solutions for real problems in a global context.

A brief history of the course


The course has already been running for last six years with success. Now partners propose a new and unique pedagogical approach for the benefits of the students considering lessons learned during previous experiences.

It aims to be a challenge to propose solutions to real problems in a global context using Project Based Learning methodology working seriously on the strengthening of studentĀ“s transversal competences and measuring them.

Projects to work on during the course:

  • Escaping from Poverty through Sustainable Development
  • (project yet to be confirmed)
  • (project yet to be confirmed)
  • Eco-efficient product development by combined CAD resources and 3D printing
  • Sustainability of innovative technologies applied in developing countries
  • Implemention of an Energy Module in a region of your own choice
  • Sustainability of Innovative Technologies for Green Energy Production
  • (project yet to be confirmed)

The projects will always take into account the human factors and will be referred, for example, to the topics:

  • The global economic system.
  • Sustainable development.
  • Limited natural resources.
  • Climate change.
  • Clean tech.
  • Energy in a global context.

Nowadays we are living a global crisis affecting the international context. Two important concerns regarding this situation are sustainable development and the economic and financial conditions. This course will allow students to have a deeper knowledge of the current situation on these matters and will sensitize them to the current context positioning themselves as professionals.